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Over stay Music Video BTS.

: Music video for Overstay

Thanks for entering to this blog post and welcome to this section which will drive you through the concept and behind the scene for this music video. First of all this is our first music video ever for us as Team Parallel which we got a chance to collaborate with one French band called Overstay. For this project they ask us to make the MV the song named VIPUTE which describe about the VIP Hight Class society. So, from that information and the translated lyrics we started to develop an idea and concept for the song and by looking at the character of the band which is rock, we have to come up with something that combine the characteristic of the band and the song. And from the information that we had and little discussion with the band we came up with the idea of the rock band that will come to high class party and crash it. So we put the style of the video more like and old-school spy film which will be in black and white and also gave more of a classy looking tone. Then come to the costumes and set designing we set up the location to look like the gallery and dress the actors and actresses with formal clothing. In production we use the stage lighting laser, smoke machine and set lighting to build up the mood and kino LED panel with diffuser for keying the actors and actresses. Post production is very straight forward by color grading the shot for a guide the editing as planned.

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